Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I have gophers in my yard?

You will see piles of dirt or sand in your yard, as though a child were emptying a pail at random. In fact, people often accuse neighbors or local children of harassment before they figure out they have gophers because the animals themselves are so rarely seen. In addition to the dirt piles, which resemble a fan in shape, you will occasionally see holes or find an area of weakness in your turf, because of the void underneath. Gophers feed on grass, roots, bulbs, and some seeds. Their vegetarian habits give them away as landscaping features begin to die, seemingly for no reason. The trees will act like they are dying of thirst, because they are. Their roots have been destroyed and the trees are getting no moisture or nutrients. They have been destroyed from the roots up.

Why do I need to get rid of the Gophers in my yard?

Gophers are amazing diggers. The dirt mounds you find in your yard are probably created by only one gopher. Each gopher produces 10-30 mounds a month ranging in volume from a glass full to a gallon. When digging, they find stuff. If it is edible, they eat it. If not, they chew right through many things they encounter underground. This includes phone or other utility lines and irrigation lines. Small rocks they carry out and add to the dirt pile. If large rocks or other un-chewable objects get it the way, they just dig around them. Gophers aggressively consume tree roots, even to the point the tree is no longer supported and falls over-landing where it may. Weasels, skunks, snakes and other animals prey on gophers and frequent the same areas, causing their own special forms of damage in the process.

When are Gophers a problem?

Gophers are a problem when they occupy expensive landscaped or cultivated areas-lawns, fields or golf courses. Gophers seek roots, and destroy the plants or trees in the process. As they move about underground, they throw up mounds of dirt that are very unattractive. Their tunnels create holes and other weak spots in the ground that can twist or even break ankles and legs of humans and large animals, such as horses. Gophers give dogs and foxes a seemingly irresistible urge to dig. Your dog, or the neighbor's dog, will add to your landscaping damage as they dig furiously, and usually futilely, after that sneaky little gopher.

When should I get rid of the Gophers?

As soon as you notice gopher activity-fresh fan-shaped mounds of fine dirt-it is time to get rid of them. The damage adds up quickly and they will not leave on their own. Get them out quickly before they have young and your cost multiplies along with the number of gophers.

How Long does it take to get rid of the Gophers?

Generally we can rid your yard of Gophers in a few days, it does depend on the weather and how many there are. We do guarantee that we will will eliminate all of your Gopher problems once we take on the task.